Gaelic Football: Promoting Women’s Teams and Competition

Gaelic football, considered Ireland’s ancient sport, is an interesting sport that has sadly fallen from the high pedestal it used to rest. That notwithstanding, there are still vestiges of this once great game in several parts of the world.

Promoting women participation in gaelic football is a matter of great importance. This blog explores ways and means of promoting women gaelic football teams and competitions;

Knowledge Management

Gaelic football unlike other sports such as football, rugby and hockey, is not widely known, particularly by the younger generation. To correct this, there needs to be a deliberate effort to promote knowledge of the game. This included but not limited to the equipment and rules of the game.

The medium to be used may entail the use of social media, publications and online videos. Through such efforts, the game becomes familiar to people who may take up the interest further by actual participation.

Talent Search

To take the knowledge gained to the next level, the search for talent is the logical step. Girls who have demonstrated interest in the game need to be identified and nurtured for a deeper assessment of the level of their commitment.

Teams Formation

The formation of amateur teams at the lowest levels such as schools will ensure that the girls continuously grow through professional training and guidance. The import of these teams is that they enable girls to compete and hone their talents and knowledge of the game. The opportunity to work with qualified coaches is great for game development and promotion.

Participation in Tourneys

Competitive tournaments are exceptional platforms for further promoting gaelic football among women. The tourneys elicit stiff competition not just for the prizes but also to earn bragging rights for the winners. Such competitions also cast light on the most valuable players and outstanding talents. This tournament and competition could be hosted regionally, nationally and internationally.