About Gaelic Football

Gaelic football is one of the most exciting games of our time. It is somewhere between rugby and soccer, which makes it unique. The game is played between two teams with each having 15 players. Dating back to the 16th century, this game is played by punching, kicking and passing but throwing is not allowed.

One of its unique rules is that players can’t pick the ball up from the ground. However, they are allowed to carry it four steps, after which they can only punch, kick or bounce it away. Points are gained either by passing the ball over or under the bar.

Here Are Five Facts About Gaelic Football Every Fan Should Know

The Year 1992: Twenty-eight years ago during a finals match in Ireland, the game had to be delayed for close to an hour when one of the players broke a crossbar. Over 21,000 fans waited patiently for it to be put up for the second half of the match to continue. That’s how popular the game is in Ireland.

Most Unique Team: Believe it or not, Oman’s Gaelic football team has 16 players all from different countries. The team’s captain is Egyptian, and the players come from as far as Jamaica, Syria and the Philippines.

Hurling History: Hurling began as far back as in the 1780s. Around 1845, however, the game was banned in Quebec City after it was considered too dangerous. It is also believed that ice hockey could have been inspired by this game.

Unique Rules: Unlike other games such as football and rugby, in Gaelic football, players are allowed to move the ball up the field through kicking, carrying, and bouncing. There is no other game where all that is allowed. Like in rugby, players can never be caught bouncing the ball.

The Hand Pass: This controversial rule is said to have been invented by Professor Tom Crowley.