Top GAA Clubs in Australia

Gaelic games have increasingly become popular globally. In Australia, Gaelic football and hurling have a special place in the hearts of the Irish people living there, as well as natives who are into these sports. This article shares some of the top GAA clubs under the Gaelic Football & Hurling Association of Australasia.

Morley Gaels

Established in 1975, the Morley Gaels is one of the oldest GAA clubs in Australia. The club was started by George Chiari(VC), B Kelly (Capt), Bert Houlihan, Primo Chiari, and Father Conway. Initially, it was called Kalamunda Kangaroos Gaelic Football Team before adopting the new name later on. Located in Western Australia, in the city of Perth, Morley Gaels fronts both men’s and women’s senior teams and is open to new members.

Young Ireland Gaelic Football Club Sydney

Located in the suburbs of Sydney, Young Ireland Sydney was started in 1969 and is the oldest and most successful GAA clubs in Australia. Nicknamed ”The Green and Gold”, the club boasts 19 championship titles and 16 league titles making it among the best GAA clubs outside of Ireland. Dubbed ”home away from home” the club is always keen on welcoming new players and fans as well.

Gold Coast Gaels

This is the first, and the only GAA club in the Gold Coast region. It was founded by Daniel O’Halloran, the president, Joe Macauley, the secretary and Daragh Murphy., the treasurer. The club competes in the Queensland league since 2014, and just like the rest of the GAA clubs, Gold Coast Gaels welcomes new players and fans.

Other GAA teams in Australia include, Shamrocks GFC, Morrigans, Bondi Gaels, e.t.c. And it’s not just Australia where GAA clubs exist in Australasia; New Zealand is also home to several clubs including Wellington GAA and Auckland GAA just to mention a few.