An Ultimate Guide into How to Improve Speed in Hurling

Confidence in touches and striking is fundamental in hurling game. Speed is similarly important for defenders as well as attackers. However, improving your sprinting speed isn’t something you can do within a day. The ideal way to hone your skills is by practicing continually.

One of the most sought-after skills in nearly all sports is speed. Nonetheless, it’s among the hardest components in training. Read through this guide to learn how you can improve your speed in hurling sports.

Running Techniques

Running mechanics have a pivotal role to play in speed improvement. Preferably you are required to generate power through the glutes muscles as opposed to calves or knees. Moreover, in your exercises, don’t let your heels to touch down. Run at a tempo pace when exercising, and the speed must be slightly fast compared to your target time.

Repeating Sprint Ability (RSA)

In hurling sport, repeat sprint capacity is a vital part of fitness. RSA defines the capability of hurlers to maintain or recover energy during successive sprints. Interval sprints or maximum aerobic speed are the most common training techniques of RSA. With repeated sprints and turns, you may gauge your performance, which is likely replicated in your games.


Decreasing the percentage of your body weight is a critical factor in improving your pace. Keep an optimal percentage of your body weight by regularly exercising and eating healthy. For Instance, you can take foods low in fat content. Furthermore, through increasing workloads on joints and your muscles, the fat content gets lowered.


Muscles, as well as joint mobility, are vital. With flexible joints, the feet can produce power when sprinting, turning, or cutting. Moreover, mobility is best improved by foam rolling, static stretching, and dynamic stretching. The stretching techniques target tight or limited body parts like muscles.